Our services

We are offering services in a standard way to facilitate your work and you can focus on what gives you added value.

Our solutions

We are offering solutions to your needs, adapting them to the necessary requirements at any time.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our objective regarding the customer satisfaction is the main objective that moves us, for this we implement the following:

  1. Commitment to quality service: it is our reason to be we have an obligation to create a positive experience for our customers.
  2. Knowledge of our services: we share knowledge with our customers about the services we provide and the transfer thereof.
  3. Customer knowledge: learn as much as possible about our customers’ needs so that service can be focused on their needs and requirements.
  4. Treat people with respect and courtesy: every contact with our client involves printing, regardless of the medium used (e-mail, telephone, personally, etc.). This impression should always denote correction in the deal.
  5. We never argue with our customers: of course the customer is not always right, but the effort must be aimed at recomposing the situation. The customer must be listened to and forwarded to him.
  6. Don’t keep a customer waiting: Customers are looking for a quick response, so it’s critical to deal with agile communications and decision-making. Meet deadlines.
  7. Always deliver what is proposed: a failure in this aspect results in loss of credibility and customers. If a breach is unavoidable, you should contact us in advance, apologize and offer an alternative.
  8. Assume that customers tell the truth: although it sometimes seems that customers are wrong, listen to their point of view and always listen to a clear message.
  9. Focus on keeping our customers: keeping a customer is more important than closing a sale. It is proven that it costs six times more to generate a new customer than to keep existing ones.
  10. Communication should be easy: by phone, website, email, etc., it should be as easy as possible, and it should help customers to manifest their experiences.