Your company can be operational in Spain within 15 days. We have all the information and documentation available for you. We can inform you or your advisors or send a proposal within one business day in detail and in English.  


We process and control these obligations in accordance to the Spanish regulations. We provide reports tailored to the requirements and in the language of the parent company.  For smaller subsidiaries, it is customary to outsource the accounting in Spain, even if these belong to large international groups. We provide complete accounting and prepare all tax returns – including international returns – and take care of related obligations such as the preparing and filing of financial statements. Some ties accounting is done at international headquarters.  Almost by definition, foreign accounting software is not fully adapted to the Spanish accounting scheme and to special Spanish tax Models.  This however is not a problem. We can convert accounts from other systems, schemes or languages to comply with Spanish obligations. We know this and we understand this. Our goal is to be there where you need us, where we have an added value.  We know that with this attitude we create a real ‘win-win’. Our clients will be more succesful and this will give more work. Together we will conquer Spain.  


We manage all Spanish and international tax returns and related obligations for the Spanish subsidiaries of foreign companies: VAT, Corporate Income tax payments, social security contributions, corporation tax, local obligations, international tax returns, Intrastat, etc.


We ensure that foreign companies, financial and government institutions meet their obligations in Spain. We inform proactively and take on the necessary implementation work according to Spanish regulations, the obligations towards employees and customers, preparing and filing tax returns, compiling and filing the financial statements and managing the special reports for the Spanish authorities.